Friday, April 22, 2011

My dogs have always been my best friends
Sadly, I report the death of my little Yorkie – my son and best friend, Sir Winston of Churchill V. I cried when it happened and I am still crying.

Sir Winston was 7 years old – born in Mobile, Ala. in July 2004 – (Yorkshire terrier breeder, Gina Pierce, ) He became part of my family on Thanksgiving Day of the same year. His weight was 2 pounds when I brought him home, but by providing him lots of his favorite food and tender loving care, he reached 4 pounds.

Two years after the birth of Sir Winston another Yorkie came into my home. He was named Baron von Dieter, and he was Sir Winston’s half brother – having the same mama. The two half brothers were a perfect match – each of them needed each other. Von Dieter is now 5 years old and he is walking the floor in search of his brother Winston.

Why did Sir Winston die so early in life and so suddenly? On the morning of April 21, Winston enjoyed a big breakfast. He did his regular things, played with his half brother and played with me by sharing his many toys.

Later in the morning Sir Winston was still playing – like a very happy loving dog, but he developed a cough and sometimes, whimpering, a little cry, went with the cough like his throat might be sore.

Sir Winston was taken to a local and very fine veterinarian. With a look inside Winston’s mouth, the doctor reported that some of his teeth need to be cleaned and some bad teeth had to be removed. It was agreed to allow him to proceed based upon his diagnosis.

Sir Winston was given a shot for a short time nap while the doctor preformed his work; the doctor’s work was successful, but he lost the patient. Sir Winston loving and kind heart did not recover from the procedure.

God made this perfect little dog just for me and I didn’t want to give him up. His little black nose, his soft hair, the wiggle of his short tail, and his caring and expressive brown eyes that told me what was on his mind. Most of the time I read from his eyes how much he loved me. His daily highpoint was for me to take him for a car ride, and I did that everyday.

I will miss the feel of his warm body against my back while he was sleeping. I have loved and still love all my puppies, please don’t get me wrong, but Sir Winston was bonded with me. To me, he seemed almost a human being. I told him often that if he stopped barking and start walking upright on his back legs, he would be human.

What a great sorrow this is, what heartbreak. When do we stop the terrible, inconsolable pain and start to feel alive again? At this moment it is a hard thing to do. I loved this little dog more than my life and he was everything to me. He was always on my mind and in my thoughts. He was my joy, and now my sorrow. How fleeting it is to love a dog and yet I always will.