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This information can be found on page 94 in the book - The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee.

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   There he stood, age unknown. The date was 1735. The location was the Carolina Territory. From whence did this man come? That is not known. Many of us have theories. Some believe he emigrated from France. I also believe he came to America from France because he was considered a French Huguenot. At that time, if you had a different religion than Catholic, you were an outcast in France. Renny Bleue was his name.
   Renny found a wife and became parents of several children. The oldest was named Zachariah, who was born on April 21, 1758. Between the years of 1775 and 1783, Zachariah and his father Renny, fought in The America Revolutionary War aka America War of Independence. Renny must have had an education as he was promoted to Lieutenant. Zachariah's rank was Private. Someway and somehow, Zachariah's last name got changed from Belue to Belew. My theory is that it was changed by mistake since I believe Zack was unable to read or write.
   Rennie died in Union County, South Carolina of old age in 1797, however, his burial site has never been found. I looked in all the cemeteries in that area, and was unable to find it. Many times during those years, a field rock was left by the grave as a marker in place of a tombstone.
   Where am I going with this story? It's leading up to my life, beginning in 1926. After the war, the Carolina Territory had no money to offer soldiers as a bonus for their war effort, but they offered free land, which they had plenty. After Renny died, Zachariah packed up his family and headed to Lawrence County, Tennessee, to accept the bonus free land. It's difficult to imagine the hardship of traveling from South Carolina to Middle Tennessee, hundreds of miles through the uncharted trail by wagon, mules, horses, or walking and avoiding the American Indians.
   Zachariah Belew and his family arrived in the Leoma area, Lawrence County, in early 1800s. The free land was located east of Leoma. Farm life was about the only way of surviving in those days. A son, William, was born in 1816. Zachariah's name is listed on a DAR plaque on the outside wall of the Lawrence County, Tennessee Courthouse (near the flagpole) for his war effort. I, Noah H. Belew, was accepted as a member of SAR through Zachariah's name. Zachariah died on February 9, 1845. He is buried at the Second Creek Cemetery in Lawrence County, Tennessee.
   William Belew, born in Lawrence County on July 13, 1816, was the son of Zachariah. He lived and farmed his land east of Leoma. William got married and had a family. They named one of their sons, Jonathan. William died on September 8, 1884, and is buried in a cemetery east of Leoma.
   Jonathan Belew was born on June 14, 1841 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. He became a farmer on land east of Leoma. He and his wife had a son in 1867 named Robert H. Belew. This was my grandfather. Robert and his wife (my grandmother Matilda Cottrell Belew) lived and farmed on land east of Leoma. They had a family and one of their sons was named George Lonnie (Lon) Belew. This was my father.
   George Lonnie (Lon) Belew, born on June 22, 1892, married Rettie Mae Hickman Belew (my mother), born December 30, 1996. They had six children - four males and two females. I, Noah H. Belew, was born on August 11, 1926. Lon and his family lived on a rocky hilly farm in the village of Barnesville, Lawrence County. During the Great Depression it was touch and go in order to survive. This was before tractors. Farming was accomplished with a strong back, mules and hoes.   
   Rettie Mae Hickman Belew was born in Lawrence County, Tennessee. She was a mother and housewife, and did a lot of farm work, including milking the cows. She lived to be 90 and died from a stroke on Flag Day, June 14, 1987.
   Alonzo Junior Belew was the oldest son. He was born to Lon and Rettie on April 18, 1917. Alonzo left home for greener pasture around 1935. He found work in Detroit, Michigan, with an automobile manufacture. He joined the US Army when World War II started. Alonzo died and was buried in Benton, Kentucky on April 7, 1974.
   Loyd Virgil Belew, second son of Lon and Rettie was born on September 21, 1918. Loyd was a farmhand on his daddy's farm until 1938, when he joined the US Army. After the war, Loyd became a farmer and pursued other jobs until he died in Hohenwald, Tennessee, in December, 1995. He is buried in Napier, Tennessee.
   Freda Mae Belew was the first daughter of Lon and Rettie. She was born on May 7, 1921 and died on September 8, 1928. Her death was caused by an appendix that burst. Freda is buried at the Barnesville Cemetery, Lawrence County.
   Claude Monroe Belew, third son of Lon and Rettie, was born on February 20, 1923. He was a helper on the farm until he went to Michigan in 1940 to find better work. He joined the US Navy when World War II started. He retired from the Navy in 1962. Claude was successful as a self employee until he died on June 10, 2003. Claude is buried in the Barnesville Cemetery, Lawrence County.
   Opal Belew Scott, second and last daughter of Lon and Rettie was born on August 3, 1929 and died on June 11, 1991. She is buried in the Barnesville Cemetery, Lawrence County.
   Noah Harold Belew (that's me) is the fourth and last son of Lon and Rettie. He was born on August11, 1926 in Lawrence County. My working life: Served 20 years in the USMC and 20 years as a motion picture filmmaker. I am still living at age 80.
(Update: I will celebrate my 85th birthday on 11 August 2011)

Submitted by: Noah H. Belew, 1396 Autumn Breeze Circle, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563 

The Belew/Belue Family

By Noah H. Belew
1396 Autumn Breeze Circle
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

My Grandfather and Great Grandfathers

Great Grandfather Renny Belue
Born in 1738 (place unknown)
Died in December 1797 in South Carolina
Soldier (Lt.) in the American Revolution War
Buried in S.C. - Cemetery unknown

Great Grandfather Zachariah Belew
Oldest son of Renny Belue
Name was changed for unknown reason
Solider in the Revolution War
His name is on a plaque on the wall of Lawrence County, Courthouse
Noah H. Belew was accepted as a member of SAR through Zachariah war record
Born in North Carolina on April 21, 1758
Died in a cemetery in Leoma, Lawrence County, Tenn.

Great Grandfather William Belew
Born in Lawrence County, Tenn. on July 13, 1816
Died on September 8, 1884
Buried in a cemetery in Leoma, Lawrence County.

Great Grandfather Jonathan Belew
Son of William
Born on June 14, 1841 in Lawrence County, Tenn.
Died on June 29, 1928
Buried in a cemetery in Leoma, Lawrence County, Tenn.  

Grandfather Robert H. Belew
Born in 1867
Died in 1944
Son of Jonathan
Buried in a cemetery in Leoma, Lawrence County, Tenn.

FATHER: George Lonnie (Lon) Belew
Son of Robert H. and Matilda 'Cottrell Belew
Born on June 22, 1892
Died on January 27, 1943
Buried at Barnesville Cemetery

MOTHER: Rettie Mae Belew
Born on December 30, 1896
Died on June 14, 1987
Buried at Barnesville Cemetery

DAUGHTER: Freda Mae Belew
Born on May 7, 1921
Died on September 8, 1928
Buried at Barnesville Cemetery

DAUGHTER: Opal Belew Scott
Born on August 3, 1929
Died on June 11, 1991
Buried at Barnesville Cemetery

SON: Noah Harold Belew
Born August 11, 1926
Still living

SON: Claude Monroe Belew
Born on February 20, 1923
Died on June 10, 2003
Buried at Barnesville Cemetery

SON: Loyd Vergil Belew
Born on September 21, 1918
Died in December 1995
Buried at Napier Cemetery

SON: Alonzo Junior Belew
Born on April 18, 1917
Died on April, 7, 1974
Buried in a cemetery in Benton, Kentucky