Friday, December 21, 2012

  • Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller, Sr., Major - USMC

  • Date of birth: September 26, 1856
  • Date of death: 13-Jul-26
  • Burial Location: Arlington, VA
  • Place of Birth: Virginia

  • During the British Naval bombardment of Alexandria in the summer of 1882, Littleton Waller commanded U.S. Marines in the U.S. Naval landing force landed to protect the American consulate and American citizens. A ten-day standoff ended with the arrival of a four thousand-man British relief force. During Admiral Dewey's naval battle of Manila Harbor in the Spanish-American War, after the Spanish ships had been destroyed, Waller was awarded the now-obsolete Specially Meritorious Service Medal for his work to rescue survivors. That award was similar to the subsequent Navy and Marine Corps Medal and Waller is the only-known Marine Corps Recipient. He was court martialled and acquitted for actions during the Philippine Insurrection where he led an ill-fated expedition across the island of Samar. He retired in 1920 as a Major General. His son, Littleton W. T., Jr., also served 40 years in the Marine Corps earning the Navy Cross and 3 Silver Stars in WWI, and retiring as a Major General. Another son, J.B.W. Waller, retired as a Navy Rear Admiral and his third son achieved the rank of Colonel of Marines.
  • Awards and Citations
  1. Marine Corps Brevet Medal Awarded for actions during the China Relief
    The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in transmitting to Major Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller, Sr., United States Marine Corps, the Brevet Medal which is awarded in accordance with Marine Corps Order No. 26 (1921), for distinguished conduct and public service in the presence of the enemy, near Tientsin, China, on 13 July 1900. On 28 March 1901, Major Waller, is appointed Lieutenant Colonel, by brevet, to take rank from 13 July 1900.
  2. General Orders: Marine Corps Orders No. 26 (June 27, 1921
  3. Action Date: 13-Jul-00
  4. Service: Marine Corps

    Rank: Major