Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leatherneck Magazine

Leatherneck Magazine of the Marines (or simply Leatherneck) is a magazine for United States Marines. It was first published as a newspaper by off-duty Marines at Marine Corps Base Quantico in 1917, and was originally named The Quantico Leatherneck. In 1918, "Quantico" was dropped from the magazine's name.

In 1920, with the formation of the Marine Corps Institute (MCI) by Commandant of the Marine Corps John A. Lejeune, Leatherneck became an official Marine Corps publication under the auspices of MCI, and was moved to Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, D.C. In 1925, the format was changed from a newspaper to a magazine.

During World War II, many of the Marine Corps' combat correspondents were assigned to Leatherneck. In 1943, the Leatherneck Association was formed to govern the magazine, making it more autonomous and answerable only to the Commandant.

The magazine is sometimes referred to as the "Reader's Digest for Marines". Its name derives from the slang "leatherneck" for a U.S. Marine, referring to the leather-lined collar or stock of the original Marine uniform.

Leatherneck was an official Marine Corps publication until 1972, staffed primarily by active-duty Marines. That year all active-duty positions were eliminated and the magazine returned to Quantico. In 1976, the Leatherneck Association merged with the Marine Corps Association (MCA). As of 2010, MCA continues to publish Leatherneck alongside another Marine Corps periodical the Marine Corps Gazette.

Leatherneck celebrated its 90th anniversary in November 2007.

Noah's comments: This is not a paid ad. It's posted because it is a quality monthly magazine. If you want to read updated articles with history in the background, the Leatherneck Magazine of the Marines, is for you. The Army, Navy or the Air Force, are not able to compete with The Few, The Proud, The Marines. It's difficult to be humble when you know you are the world's best.

If you would like to subscribe and have the monthly Leatherneck magazine mailed to your home for a year, call toll free phone number 1(866)-622-1775.

Semper Fidelis <> Latin. Always Faithful. The motto of the United States Marine Corps.