Wednesday, April 28, 2010

World War II veterans

This was sent to Richard A. Schneider, Executive Editor/Director, Pensacola Florida News Journal. I received a short note from Taris Savell, Pensacola News Journal, informing me that an effort will be made to contact World War II veterans, living in the Pensacola, Florida area. If you care to give your World War II personal story to be published in the News Journal, contact Taris Savell at

After reading U.S. Marine Sgt. Clarence Rae World War II story, Bitter tale takes a happy twist; click on
Read More... I have a suggestion that might be good for the World War II veterans living in the Pensacola area, and it would also attract more readers to the Pensacola News Journal.

We have hundreds of World War II veterans who would enjoy telling their personal war story to a reporter for publication. Life expectedly for them is short since they are in their mid-80s or older. Hundreds are dying daily. I think Troy Moon would be the perfect reporter to write the veterans stories.

If space is available, I think it would be beneficial to run a veteran World War II war story each Sunday, with photo. It would make the veteran happy and it would also reflect the sacrifice and hardship they made. It was a war we had to win and we were successful. It was also the last major war we can say; “Mission Accomplished.”

The veterans of World War II also survived the Great Depression. In my personal experience, surviving the Great Depression in the hills of Tennessee helped me survive World War II on the infantry battlefields. We knew how to hurt and make do with what we had. Most of us knew how to hunt because we had to shoot wild game for food.

Most of my World War II stories have already be told for the world to read on my Web site I can only add that I first started fighting the Japanese at age 17, and continued until I was 20, when the war ended. After three year in war and training for war, I was not old enough to buy a beer when I returned stateside in San Diego.

When I retired from the Marine Corps at age 36, I found jobs and make a lot of money in Real Estate and as a motion picture filmmaker. I retired for the final time at age 55. And I was able to earn a college degree with a 3.7 GPA, when I was in my 40s without ever attending one day in high school.

I hope you will accept my suggestion. I am sure the World War II veterans would have a smile on their faces reading their own story.

I have lived the best enjoyable part of my life. With Gods help, I returned home when the war ended, but not like I was when I first went to war. Many war heroes were not as lucky as I was and they gave it all. I now have a VA service-connected disability of 100 percent.