Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Amendment
(freedom of Speech)

Even though I will celebrate my 83rd birthday this August, it has not been a good month for me.

Over the years it has been my pleasure to see my opinions published in our daily newspaper – Pensacola News Journal, a Gannett owned newspaper. This month, my words of wisdom will not be there.

I was informed by Carl Wernicke, Opinion Editor, that my letter to the editor was too self-indulgent, and too long for the 200-word limit policy. The extra words could have been edited out. Please read my letter below.

Much, if not all, that I have written in the past has been about issues of politicians mismanaging our government. I have mentioned that I served in the United States Marine Corps, but they were aware of that because I attack the subjects like a Marine.

The Pensacola News Journal enjoys a circulation of about 60,000. It’s delivered to subscribers living in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. In most months, I get two or three readers that disagree with my opinion. I encourage that because it is healthy. However, a few of the lowlife Republicans attack my personal character. I never respond to them even though many of them are not aware that I earned my freedom of speech the old fashion way – by fighting on the battlefield defending the US Constitution.

This letter that Mr. Wernicke rejected was written by me with a request of publication in the month of my 83rd birthday. None of us live forever and I wanted to tell my life story before it’s published in the Death Page of this newspaper. And besides, the person who writes it might not get it right. This is my story, and I will stick with it until I die.

It must be said that newspapers are not obligated to post opinions from the subscribers, the people who buy ads to make them rich. However, all good newspapers welcome letters of opinions from the readers.

I would not say that the Pensacola News Journal is a good newspaper, but it is the only daily newspaper in the greater Pensacola. I have always said; “The only thing I do not like in Pensacola is the News Journal.”

I am thankful that I have a Web site. It is mine just like my home. You may visit it, but you can’t change it. I am the President, Publisher, writer, and Editor.

These are the three people who run the Pensacola News Journal:
Kevin T. Doyle, President and Publisher (
Richard A. Schneider, Executive Editor (
Carl Warnicke, Opinion Page Editor (

This was my letter that was denied:

Let me tell you a story – “Once upon a time…”
I have expressed my opinions many times through our local newspapers and it was always based on the truth as I understood it to be. For those who care to know; pull up a chair, and I will tell you my story.

Once upon a time a baby boy, Noah, was born in the hills of Tennessee. Calvin Coolidge was president then. Noah survived the Great Depression and was just 16 at the beginning of World War II. Since he lived in the great state of Tennessee, proudly known as the “volunteer state”, Noah declared himself a man, left school and joined the United States Marine Corps. At age 17, this young man was in the infantry and on the battlefield fighting the Japanese as a member of the First Marine Division. See results:

His three older brothers also joined the military – one in each of the other branches of the armed forces. Each of them fought in combat, and with the help of God, they all survived. Noah also fought the Communist North Koreans and Chinese in the Korean War. In the early 1960s, he retired from the Corps.

I, Noah, am proud to be an American, a retired United States Marine, and a member of the Greatest Generation. I am also proud of the characters that disagree with my words of wisdom and repeat my opinions published last month. I have earned the right to freedom of speech by defending our cherished US Constitution. So, this is my story and I will stick with it.

Remember; “He who angers you, controls you.” “Let’s roll.”

Gulf Breeze